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Tahmid Quddus Islam

Citi Global Insights

Assistant Vice President, Innovation & Technology


Tahmid Quddus Islam is an Assistant Vice President at Citi Global Insights (CGI) where he researches and creates thematic reports on topics related to innovation and technology. He has an interest in the commercialization of emerging & disruptive technologies and the impact this can have on businesses. He has been looking at quantum computing for a number of years, and recently led Citi’s 150-page deep-dive report into the topic: Tahmid joined Citi in 2018. Prior to Citi, he worked at Barclays as an Analyst from 2016, where he created Client Analytics solutions to help C-Suite executives identify opportunities for wallet growth. His work has been recommended and presented to both the Barclaycard CEO and overall Barclays Group CEO. Tahmid has a BSc in Physics from University College London and a MSc in Astrophysics from Cambridge University. He undertook his masters research project for the European Space Agency (ESA) on behalf of the Institute of Astronomy (IoA). He produced the first-ever list of quantitative measures for the ESA’s GAIA satellite, forming the basis of future cosmology for their $1 billion programme ‘building the most precise 3D map of one billion stars in our galaxy’. Tahmid also attended the Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme (OCVP) at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, becoming the youngest ever participant of the executive education course.

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